NecroBlogging in 2019

It’s been some time since I published on this blog, enough that I lost the clear-cut, planned-out path I intended to follow.

But the aesthetic of NecroBlogger still feels clear in my mind: dive into thoughts pertaining to technology and/or gaming, then end with line breaks, crystallizing an idea with poetry.

I remember and recognize the tone of this blog, at least: explore retro games, childhood passions, and aging crevices of the Internet. Old things, old loves, old online spaces.

Then there’s the purpose: Write about these old things to continue to fight depression; since these are the things, at the end of the day, that feel happy, come back to them time and again.

This blog is a side project.

The blog I dedicated to exploring my autism after my adult diagnosis, Cleo’s Autism Awareness, is my main WordPress.

Meanwhile, From North On is about traveling, and My Quest for Chicken is about gardening, making up the tertiary of my side blogs about special interests, alongside NecroBlogger.

This blog is also casually written.

I don’t plan out my posts here. Rather they’re stream-of-conscious brainstorming of ideas, as I stretch my mind for creative writing. Lately most of that creative writing happens at Wattpad, although I am working on a couple all-to-myself handwritten projects.

For 2019, I want this blog to support those Wattpad and handwritten projects, as well as other creative pursuits I take that are ultimately rooted in my love for retro tech.

Namely I’m hoping to link my Wattpad nonfiction, “Tens & Aughts,” so the interests and happiness I find on NecroBlogger can extend to that other part of my life, spreading warmth around.

Other 2019 goals include reading two dozen paper books and two dozen e-books and audiobooks, which is why the living

room is reorganized

to bathe sunlight onto pages

in early morning or falling sun

to learn as much as I can

as long as I can, until

I write the perfect thing.

💕 Questions? 💕 Thoughts? 💕 Suggestions for future posts? 💕

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