We have effectively created a super-organism…Same as when we just had multi-cellular beings, without nervous systems, and they would communicate by osmosis.
— Elon Musk

I. You are the Super-organism

The decision you need to make isn’t whether you’re part of this super-organism. You are part of the super-organism, or you wouldn’t have the computer and/or cellphone you’re using to read blogs.
Maybe you found this blog post because of a Facebook post I made, shouting out about something I recently wrote; and if that’s the case, you’re not only plugged in, you’re a wee proficient with how to manipulate our intellectual database.
The irony of mocking the super-organism, while also participating in it, is not lost on me.
Whether you’re plugged into the Internet from the moment you wake up, till the minute you lay your head on the pillow—or you’re plugged in just a half hour a day, because “you won’t let this tech get to you”—you are joining the thrum of the super-organism weaving across our planetary body, a hum that’s a natural result of evolution, just another emergence of curious star-stuff.
And how cool is it that we’ve become an interconnected planetary body?—what would a similarly awakened solar system look like, or galaxy, or local group?
The future isn’t the technological collective.
That’s the present.

II. You are a Deciding Factor

At this point, the future is building upon the technological collective. Innovative minds are already talking about uploading emotions and experiences.
So the decision you need to make is both easy and hard:
(a) Are you pro the survival of the future?
(b) Or are you pro the survival of the past?
Let me be clear: If you choose the past, you’re good with us all (eventually) dying in the name of nostalgia.
In the name of traveling backwards in time, you attempt to tug-of-war with the future.
And while physics has proven that time travel is possible, we cannot go backwards. Chew on why that is.

III. You are Making a Choice

If you choose the past, you choose to contribute towards a great intellectual species, disappearing, like a cosmic footprint walking into nowhere.
You don’t get to choose the future while also choosing to burn every drop of oil and coal we can scrape and excavate, until we are Venus under a dying sun with nowhere to bloody run.
That’s choosing the past.
You don’t get to choose the future while also choosing an over-saturation of “you” (i.e., whatever identities you attached to yourself), like our collective body somehow needs more of one organ than another.
That’s choosing the past.
You don’t get to choose to not be part of it. You’re online, so surely you are part of it. Non-decision is also a decision.
When you try to create option (c) by clinging to nostalgia while applying pathos-based arguments like, “But the past worked before,” or when you fear-monger into option (c) by ignoring or separating our super-organism into parts—while also claiming you care about your children and grandchildren thriving within the future landscape—or perhaps, the saddest predicament, when you demand option (c) be available, and when it isn’t, you decide, “I’ll wait for all this to blow over,” to me, at least, you’re falling down a rabbit hole of faulty logic.
I would like to see our species thrive beyond the integral evolutionary step of technological advancement—not just survive, day-by-day, as we fear the Great Filter at the end of this spiral, but thrive towards something better, all the time, in a very literal sense, so we emerge from the spiral like a firework—and this is why I choose for us to benefit and grow from the digital crops we have sown.
This is why I choose the future.
I choose Mars.
I choose sustainable energy.
I choose kindness and health for our interconnected body.
I truly think it boils down to that.

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